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Hong Kong Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (HKSIAM) is based in Hong Kong and connecting the international community. We are committed to advancing the application of mathematics and computational science to engineering, industry, science, and society; to promoting research that will lead to effective new mathematical and computational methods and techniques for science, engineering, industry, and society; and to providing media for the exchange of information and ideas among mathematicians, engineers, and scientists.

  • to promote industrial and applied mathematics in Hong Kong. We gather experts and scholars in the field of industrial and applied mathematics in Hong Kong to form an authoritative "think tank", and we work together to develop and strengthen our strength.

  • to build links between the mathematical community and the business sector. By facilitating the interaction between mathematics and technology, staff and business management, we provide an “armed” workshop for the materialization of mathematical research results, and connect a versatile laboratory for the new problems in engineering and industry.

  • to promote research on various mathematical problems arisen from economic development and technological advancement. We insist on advancing with the times and focus on the every practical difficulty in industrial engineering field.

  • to coordinate planning for periodic Hong Kong meetings on industrial and applied mathematics. We not only value the "senior" scholars who are worthy of writing, but also cherish the "young" power of high morale. We look forward to the wonderful sharing of them at the meetings.

  • HKSIAM annual meeting.

  • To sponsor other activities consistent with our purposes, including, but not limited to:

  • awards at international meetings;

  • additional international meetings on narrower topic areas;

  • informal focus groups in areas of industrial and applied mathematics; and

  • publications which foster our purposes.

Promoting mathematics

and its applications.

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