With HKSIAM’s support as a co-organizer, the 8th Annual International Mathematical Modeling Challenge (IMMC 2022) Greater China Final Presentation Competition was held April 22-23 2022, hosted by The University of Hong Kong Faculty of Engineering and its Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering. President Prof Xue-Cheng Tai was present at the opening ceremony. Prof Michael Ng, Board member of HKSIAM, and Prof gave talks to finalist teams at the workshops held during the competition.

Organizing Committee, Grand Jury and finalist teams of IM2C 2022 Greater China Final Presentation Competition, April 22 and 23 2022, HKU online

Organizing Committee, Grand Jury and finalist teams of IM2C 2022 Greater China Final Presentation Competition, April 22 and 23 2022, HKU online

Out of approximately 800 teams, 52 from the Region presented their solution papers on Regional-committee-set problems, Self-chosen problem, or International-committee-set problem in front of the Grand Jury on the Final Presentation Competition virtually. Together with teams endeavoring through rounds of contests of Autumn, Winter, International and the Final Presentation Competition, especially conquering the hardship of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, HKUGA College (Hong Kong), Pui Ching Middle School (Macau), Taipei Wesley Girls High School (Taiwan), Shanghai High School International Division, The Experimental High School Attached to Beijing Normal University (Mainland) and Shenzhen College of International Education (Mainland) among the 30 teams were granted the Outstanding Award for IMMC 2022 of Greater China, of which 15 teams in Regional Contest, and 15, International one. Shanghai Experimental School International Division and Beijing National Day School Longyue won the Outstanding Award for the first annual Junior High School category of IMMC Greater China.

Finalist teams from Greater China attended the opening ceremony of IMMC 2022 Final Presentation Competition on April 22, 2022

IMMC 2022 in Greater China Region functioning as a selection mechanism for IM2C International Contest, is an interdisciplinary practice integrating mathematics with science, technology and engineering and applying mathematics in socioeconomic context, and encouraging students to identify, analyze and solve real world problems of importance. We work with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE China) and Hong Kong Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (HKSIAM) to co-organize the IM2C 2022 in Greater China. The papers recognized as Outstanding and other award categories cover different types of problem including

  • Smart Lamppost Deployment (Problem A - Autumn),

  • How Much CO2 Can We Store Within The Surface in China (Problem B - Autumn),

  • The Risk and Challenge of Future Outbreaks of Other Notifiable Infectious Diseases in the Post-Covid-19 Pandemic Period (Problem C- Autumn),

  • Building Virtual a Hong Kong in Metaverse (Problem D - Winter),

  • How Blockchain Can Help Alliance among Merchants of a Community Drive Business Value? (Problem E - Winter),

  • Predicting the Cross-boarder Transmission of Covid-19 (Problem F- Winter), and the International Problem, Aboard! Boarding and Disembarking a Plane (published on May 2 2022)

and problems self-chosen represent the best endeavors of the year. The 8 papers of International Contest in Greater China, will be recommended by the IMMC Committee-Zhonghua for the global adjudication by the International Expert Panel to compete for the international awards with the best teams from other 35 registered countries or areas.

Chief experts who create contest problems of IMMC 2022 Greater China include Prof Guoliang XING (Problem A), The Chinese University of Hong Kong and IEEE Fellow; Prof Shuyu SUN (Problem B), King Abdullah University of Science and Technology; Dr. Qingpeng ZHANG (Problem C & F), City University of Hong Kong; Dr. Yu YUAN (Problem D), President-elect of IEEE Standards Association; Dr. James LEI (Problem E), HKUST.

HKUGA College(港大同學會書院) team presents their solution work, Building Virtual Hong Kong in Metaverse, on IMMC 2022 Final Presentation Competition of Greater China, April 22, 2022, HKU online

The Grand Jury of IMMC 2022 Greater China consists of (In alphabetical order of family name):

  • Prof. Yang WANG (Chairman), The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

  • Dr. Hong-bin CHEN, Taiwan Chung Hsing University

  • Prof. Yanping CHEN, South China Normal University

  • Dr. Daihai HE, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

  • Dr. Yong Hong KUO, The University of Hong Kong

  • Dr. Ieng-Tak LEONG, University of Macau

  • Dr. Yang LIU, Nanjing Inrich Technology, Co.,Ltd

  • Prof. Liqiang LU, Fudan University

  • Prof. Zhonghua QIAO, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

  • Dr. Yu-Chen SHU, Taiwan Cheng Kung University

  • Dr. Yunfeng Wu, Xiamen University

  • Prof. Guoling XING, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • Dr. Yu YUAN, President-Elect, IEEE Standards Association

  • Dr. Lei ZHANG, Peking University

  • Dr. Qingpeng ZHANG, The City University of Hong Kong

This year is the 111th Anniversary of HKU. Students and their teachers of the finalist teams of IMMC 2022 have chance to understand the University’s excellence in teaching, research and service and think about their future academic pursuance. As Prof Srolovitz, Dean of HKU Faculty of Engineering and Chairman of IMMC 2022 Final Presentation Competition Organizing Committee, put it at the opening ceremony, the Faculty’s core mission is to provide each student with depth of knowledge and basic skills for his/her entire life, nurtured by opportunities to innovate now and pursue current passions. Prof Srolovitz encouraged students that in the rapidly changing world, engineers play a pivotal role in developing technologies that enable positive societal impact and facilitate economic development.

Prof George Huang, Head of Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Executive Chairman of IMMC 2022 Final Presentation Competition Organizing Committee, inspired students in his opening remarks that mathematical modeling is a core element in industrial engineering which enables a wide range of applications in different topics such as cyber-physical systems, virtual reality, smart manufacturing, finance, supply chain management, e-commerce, logistics, transportation, and healthcare engineering.

Prof Yang Wang, Vice-President of HKUST and Chairman of Expert Panel and Grand Jury of IMMC Greater China, congratulated all teams for their achievements in IMMC 2022. He pointed out that mathematics is not only foundation of science and technology but also cornerstone of societal development in the era of AI, blockchain and metaverse. He encouraged students to set higher goals and universities in Hong Kong would be their dream place to pursue their advanced studies.

Representative of the co-organizer IEEE, Mr. Steven Deng, IEEE China Business Development Manager, was present at the opening ceremony.

Besides the competition, teams attended workshops delivered by Dr. Yong-Hong Kuo, Prof. Michael Ng, Prof. Jiangwen Zhang from HKU and Prof Xuecheng Tai from HKSIAM. Topics cover mathematics and its applications in image processing, AI, biological science, and industrial and manufacturing systems engineering. At the beginning of each workshop, audience were introduced about the newly development of HKU with the featured video of HKU 111th Anniversary.

Prof. Xue-Cheng Tai gives workshop during IMMC 2022 Final Presentation Competition

Prof. Michael Ng gives workshop during IMMC 2022 Final Presentation Competition

Based on the adjudication of Final Presentation by the Grand Jury and Paper Review by the Expert Panel through Autumn, Winter, and International Contest, all teams who had submitted successfully solution papers were awarded as Outstanding, Finalist, Meritorious, Honorable Mention, and Successful Participant. The news release and the list of awardee teams of Outstanding, Finalist and Meritorious could be found at the link For other awards, participants can log into the official website to view (